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In support of its business and executive coaching and consultancy services, Think Positive also offers its clients a range of training workshops.
Geared to the development needs of today’s executives, the four core workshops are:

A Guide to Your Fashion Business

You have the creativity, the imagination and the vision but the realities of setting up your own business can require a very different set of qualities. This workshop covers the fundamentals of building and maintaining a successful fashion business.
Workshop content includes:
• putting the message across
• attracting new customers
• how to set a price
• choosing your workplace
• recruiting the right staff
• raising the money
• staying afloat
• building customer relationships
• moving ahead

Clothes on Hanger

Working in and Managing Teams

So what is a team and how does it operate? A successful manager and leader has the answers to these questions. A team isn’t just a collection of people. It is a mini-organisation with its own dynamics and rules. Do you understand your team’s unspoken conventions? This workshop helps you to examine these important issues and manage and lead your team to success.
Workshop content includes:

• Tuckman’s model of team development
• effective teams
• maintaining the team existence
• conflict in a team
• team roles
• team-building

Successful Work Team

The Manager as Coach and Trainer

Coaching and training are important functions of management. They are also skills which are often misused or even not used at all. Neglecting this element of your role can result in an unskilled and unmotivated team. This, in turn influences not only performance but also team morale and your personal credibility. Find out how you can be a more effective coach and trainer on this workshop.
Workshop content includes:

• employee development stages
• the needs model
• situational leadership
• leadership behaviour
• training & coaching
• delegation
• giving effective feedback

Team Encouragement

Managing Performance & Behaviour

Managers are too valuable to be thrown in at the deep end to manage the development of their team unsupported. Setting objectives, identifying training requirements, probationary periods, regular reviewing and appraising are all vital “tools of management”. This workshop provides the opportunity to get to grips with this crucial part of the manager’s role.
Workshop content includes:

• the tools of performance management
• assertiveness and interpersonal skills
• setting objectives
• performance reviewing
• appraisals
• performance improvement plans

Business Woman Smiling

Leadership vs. Management

Are you a leader or a manager? What is the difference?
The chances are that you are both. The biggest difference in leadership and management lies in the way in which you choose to engage with people, thus setting the tone for most other aspects of your role. Explore the differences and the respective values of leadership and management in this workshop.
Workshop content includes:

• different functions of the leader and manager
• key skills and competencies of both roles
• assessment of current skills
• managing performance
• management by objectives
• use of innovation and creativity

Team work
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