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“Antonio worked with my organisation for almost five years, growing rapidly in different positions ultimately becoming our Retail Director. (…) Detail-oriented and focused on operational efficiencies, he thought about what needed to be done, how it could be done quickly without losing quality, always following up to ensure successful completion. Antonio is an intense, driving, result-orientated self-starter whose sense of urgency is tempered and disciplined by his concern for the accuracy and quality of the work to be done. He holds himself, and those with whom he works, to exacting, ever-increasing goals. He can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them. (..) Antonio is a great motivator in managing and developing his staff; a team builder who uses effective communication and performance management to encourage the broad development of individuals and to manage conflict and change; an outstanding coach and mentor. With his people, interviewing and communication skills; his strategic, operational, sale, costs and budgeting strengths; his problem solving, decision making and project management ability; his focus on customer service and C.R.M; his eye for detail in presentation, visual and display, Antonio would be an asset for any organisation. Thank you for the 5 great years that Antonio has been with us, for the support, dedication and loyalty he has shown and how he has assisted in driving the business forward.”

tom chapman / ceo /

Since day one, Antonio has been outstanding support and help for me in order to help grow and take Ekria to new heights. Not only is he a great mentor and professional but also a close friend with an eye for detail. By being available 24/7, you know that you can always turn to him for help and ideas, both in the professional and private life.  

Antonio has been a key to our business for many years, helping us to innovate, grow and work effectively. Moreover, he goes above and beyond to help us and is always available to give his support / advice. On a personal basis, Antonio has been a great friend for many years, and he has coached me through rough times in my business and helped us in becoming better in every aspect.

“​Since the first day Antonio started we were positively surprised over his expertise and professionalism “

Throughout the year we worked together, Antonio gave amazing support in setting up all the fundamentals of the brand, ranging from the basic structure of the brand, structure of the collection, communication strategies and sell channels. Antonio is an enjoyable person to work with and professional in his procedures.

Antonio constantly stunned me with his expertise and professionalism during our time together. His wealth of experience in the luxury market is proven by his skills and efficiency regardless of the objective set. The positive aura makes him truly inspiring to work with and he really motivates those around him.

“A meticulous person who ensures he delivers what he promises. Antonio can be dependent upon to achieve desired results. A pleasant person to work with, he is a good peer to everyone and is well liked by fellow colleagues. A professional in his routines and is a valuable asset to the company. I am lucky to have an opportunity to work directly with him and know him as a work colleague and a friend.”

Antonio is not only a retail consultant whom we totally trust he is also a very hard working team member feeling full responsibility for our brand’s profitability , success or errors which make him very special and trustworthy.

We feel that he is always with us and SC is not only a customer but his own company He ıs also lıke a close friend and family member with our first and second generation 🙂

“Every day I go through an internal ‘thank you’ process for your coaching. I was initially interested in coaching as a tool to provide some direction in my life. (…) I’m proud of my newly discovered ability to ‘think bigger’ and set great goals that are tailor-made to my lifestyle and values. I celebrate success and don’t take things for granted. (…). I now put all of my ideas into action and remove the clutter in my life! The most fantastic thing about coaching is learning techniques to tap into the endless possibilities you can create for yourself. Great things can really happen. I appreciate every minute of your time and commitment to helping me make a difference to my life.”

“I worked with Antonio at Pringle when I was Creative Director there. With his systematic and methodical way of working – something we can overlook in such a busy creative environment – he made a great improvement. Antonio was simply inspirational to the staff: always trying to get their best qualities from them and keeping each of us positive at all times, even in the most stressful periods of the fashion cycle.”

Antonio is an absolutely stellar consultant and practically one-of-a-kind with his 360 degree approach. He has helped us immensely over the last years in almost every single department from retail to operations, merchandising to wholesale, e-commerce to accounts and design to marketing, all of which we have improved in vastly. He is incredibly organized and also persistent with his follow ups which help guarantee continued progress. It is a true pleasure to work with such an experienced and friendly individual who we look forward to work with for years to come. I am convinced his guidance and passion would greatly benefit retail companies of any size which is why I highly recommend working with him.

“Antonio has a wealth of experience and a broad retail and business knowledge and combines this with enthusiasm and positivity, which is an excellent motivator for any team.”

“Antonio is an extremely reliable, hard-working person and it has been a great pleasure to work with him in London. He is very passionate, outspoken with a great attention to details. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional or personal coaching as dealing with people is his most natural asset.”

“Antonio has been a key partner on several cultural initiatives for Perry Ellis Europe, helping me and my team foster a working environment of innovation, growth, respect and teamwork. On a personal basis, Antonio has been a good friend who has helped me through challenging periods in my career and who understands the pressures of being at the top of an organisation”

“I have collaborated with Antonio on several projects and he has also given me telephone coaching which has been exceedingly helpful. What has always impressed me is Antonio’s positive attitude to life and to business. He taught me that if one thinks in a positive manner then bigger and more successful things can be achieved: it is true!.”

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